Love It Link It + What to wear for a family photo shoot

Monday, November 18, 2013

Welcome back to another week of Love it Link it! I am so thankful to all of you who keep linking up every week! This week, I am doing something a little different, I am sharing one of my posts that I wrote for a friends blog. My friend Kate started her blog almost 2 months ago, but she is no stranger to the written word. Kate and I went to high school together, but didn't really connect until recent years. Kate and I chat frequently about fashion, food, family, acne and God. Kate has such a unique perspective on life and has faced some difficult times, from high risk pregnancies, to trying to adopt a child. But no matter what adversity she faces, she does it with grace and an unbreakable spirit! Kate has shared many, many "essays" on Facebook with all her friends, but I am glad she finally decided to start a blog! Did I mention she is super crafty too?!? Kate is such an amazing lady and has a fire inside of her. I highly suggest you check out her blog, Sweet Goings.

Kate is big on family, and she asked me to do a guest post on How to Dress for a Family Photo shoot. I reluctantly accepted said challenge. I mean, dressing for a family photo can be pretty stressful, and I wasn't sure I wanted to bear that burden. But per the usual, I jumped in with both feet. I began researching various photography blogs and I came up with 7 simple tips. Head on over to Kate's blog to check them out!  CLICK HERE!!

These are just a couple of the things I discussed on my "What to Wear: Family Photo Shoot" post.

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Mamainheels- Janise said...

Great to be link up with you again Tori...I missed it! So happy that you are back!!! Thank you!!!


Alice Warren said...

Great posts - we were just trying to figure what to wear for our holiday pictures. I typically start with what I want my son to wear and work from there. I find that I have more flexibility with my clothes than his.


List Addict said...

Thanks so much for hosting. Have a great day!

Karen Curtis said...

That is such a well coordinated family shoot! It looks like fun and not stiff!

Rebecca said...

Hello there Tori.....Popping by your fun & lovely linkup....HAPPY TUESDAY!


Natasha Smith said...

Cool post! I just did a similar post for family photos as we just took our family photos a couple of weeks ago! I'm looking forward to posting our pics! I went with gradients of brown/neutrals.
-Natasha @ Lovely You

Sherry said...

Those are great family photo combos!! Thanks for sharing! :)